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Heritage Thursday Tasting – Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (’11 and ’09)

Heritage Thursday Tasting… Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (2009 & 2011).

For our Thursday Tasting on October 20th from 5-7PM, we’re making all the stout lovers very happy, and it’s not just because we’ve finally reached stout drinking weather. To celebrate the first release of Brooklyn Brewing’s Black Chocolate Stout in Minnesota, you’ll be able to sample the new 2011 release alongside the 2009 vintage. It’s a great opportunity to taste the effects aging has on beer, especially a big Imperial Stout like this one.

We know we have to keep the hopheads happy, too, and since hop harvest is our favorite time of the year, our 20% off Bomber of the Week is the first time release of Deschutes Brewery’s Heirloom Fresh Hop Mirror Pond. Deschutes Brewmaster Larry Sidor had been discussing with Pacific Northwest hop growers their theory that Cascade had changed since it was first created back in 1972. So they revived the original rootstock developed at Oregon State University and grew 4 acres of it at Goshie Farms in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. There they started with a ‘pure’ field and grew them up for 2 years. The result is a very bright,
clean and intense Cascade aroma in a beer that has enough bitterness to satisfy any hophead.