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[POSTPONED] Impossible Beer Challenge: Cantilion Rose de Gambrinus, Boon Traditional Gueze

POSTPONED:  Just received word from Brad that this event is POSTPONED due to a last minute conflict at the Gnome. Will post again when it is rescheduled.  -TruthBrew 10/27/09 4:15pm

Brad Beerguy is having a head to head competition of two beers he says are “basically impossible to get” at The Happy Gnome in St. Paul on Oct 27th. The event will be from 6-10 pm and have two traditional Belgian Lambics on draft. The first is the famed Cantilion Rose De Gambrinus and the second is the last of the true Lambics from Boon Tradtional Gueze – no fruit, pours like a chardonay, expected to age out for at least ten years. The beers will be offered in single 5oz pours or as a pour of each with a fruit plate and chocolate selection. Denny Johnson of Chisago Lakes and Brad Beerguy will be in attendance. Brad says “This will be the most UNIQUE TRUE LAMBIC DRAFT OFFERING of Belgian sours to happen in Minnesota all year. Period.”


  1. Jason says:

    Do I even want to ask how much they will be charging for glass?

  2. Kelly says:

    Actually it was not postponed, I was there tonight and it was on!

  3. ryan says:

    Kelly, you got lucky. 🙂 The event was officially postponed (Brad was the organizer), but someone got those kegs on… I’m sure there was some pressure since Brad only found out about the need to postpone a couple of hours before the event. Hope it was good!

  4. Kelly says:

    You can still try them, they still have them on tap as of today!

  5. Charlie Marks says:

    yeah but $1oz wtf

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