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Lagunitas 420 Party at Stub & Herb’s


Stub & Herb’s is doing a 420 party with Lagunitas.  It will obviously take place on April 20th starting at 7PM.  All Lagunita’s drafts will be $3.50 during the promo.  They’ll be putting smoke machines in Stub’s and will be providing free “munchies” and have come up with some pretty cool appetizer “bluntz.”  Stub’s will be giving away “Beer Bongs” and have a night of Reefer inspired Madness going on.

All legal. 🙂


  1. klebz says:

    “All legal.”


  2. Kyle says:

    That’s “reefer” btw.

  3. chronicchick says:

    does that mean i can bring a fatty with me and smoke it?

  4. Pigseye Ed says:

    It’s not appropriate to be “smoking” anyone in a bar… I don’t care how fat he is.

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