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Likely the Last Post About Fat Tire on MNBeer

Surdyk’s is getting their supply of Fat Tire tomorrow. And since folks seem to be quite excited about it, we’ll share… Doors open at 8!

• First 100 customers receive a Fat Tire poster

• Drawing for an authentic Fat Tire bike at 9am

• Free Fat Tire stem glass with each case purchase

Colorado’s take on Belgian beer has created a cult following. This wheaty charmer moves fast among Fat Tire fans and microbrew lovers alike.

Hrrm. Not so sure about the wheat they’re talking about…


  1. David Van Cleve says:

    600 cases in a half hour, sheesh . . .

  2. S. Fantome says:

    I was just out in Denver and visted the New Belgium brewery. Great place and worth a visit if you’re in the area. Probably the nicest brew facility I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t understand the Fat Tire cult. Good easy drining beer, yeah, but not that great.

  3. New Belgium brews Sunshine Wheat, a much tastier beer than the over-hyped Fat Tire.

  4. drinkin one now says:

    The best beer the brew is their dubbel, Abbey. Hope they get them in. Fat Tire is good, not overhyped, but not their best.

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