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  1. Drew Salmi says:

    My bro and I stopped there today excited to get a growler of the bock, but their sign says MON AND TUES $5 refills, not Wednesday. It was a bummer.

  2. Chris L. says:

    What sign did you see? I posted some around the brew pub and they say mon. & wed.
    It is Mondays & Wednesdays.

  3. Drew Salmi says:

    The big black with white letters one in the parking lot. I guess we should have went in to make sure.

  4. Chris L. says:

    Sorry Drew. Some how management and I were not on the same page. They thought mon/tues.
    It will be mon/wed.
    We’ll get that sign changed out front.

  5. Lordsloth says:

    Have a friend that picked up some on this deal.

    Why, WHY do I live so far away from St. Cloud?! Sampled all of the beers on tap at Winterfest and loved ’em.

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