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Skypilot sent us a reminder that J. Bird Winery’s Mead Booth will be open for business on Saturdays in May. Though I’m far from an expert, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying their mead and liked what I was drinking. Check them out…

10am – 5pm

36337 Polk St. NE
Stanchfield, MN


  1. Ugh! They need to fix their webpage. It is much to wide. My laptop screen is set for 1280×800 resolution and I have scroll and scroll and scroll to find the right edge of their page.

    That said, I’m excited to learn there is a meadery here in Minnesota. I might have to make a trip up there.

  2. I would venture that meadmaking at the ‘homebrew’ level in Minnesota has set a pretty high standard for any commercial wannabe.

  3. Mag says:

    Sweet! I’ve spent many a day recovering from their mead headaches after enjoying them at the RenFest. And I’ve been hankering for a mead lately.

  4. skypilot says:

    It’s worth the trip.
    Jim and his employees are about the nicest people you’ll ever meet, plus you DO get to sample the meads prior to purchasing.

  5. @ Mag: Looks like it is time to plan a trip up there.

  6. Pitmonkey says:

    There is a meadery in Chisago Lakes area too. Winehaven. I am fond of their product.

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