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Millstream Coming to MN

Another brewery is making the jump over the state line to get their beer into the hands and mouths of thirsty Minnesotans. Millstream Brewery, out of Amana, Iowa has sent their first load of bottles and kegs north (go ahead and air your favorite Iowa-bashing jokes but note that their John’s White Ale did just pick up a Gold Medal in the Witbiers category at the Denver International Beer Competition). Check their website in the coming days to see where you’ll be able to pick it up at.

If you’re unfamiliar with Millstream but are looking for a weekend road trip idea, they have a BrewBQ and the Blues event this coming Saturday, June 4 and a Beer & Brat Festival June 25. Again, check their website for all the details.


  1. Ben says:

    Drank plenty in the Amanas in the past. Keep it cold in your Amish made Amana refrigerator. Only joke I can think of off hand.


  2. aperfectpint says:

    And the brewery is located right in the middle of the Historic Amana Colonies, a worthwhile jaunt in and of itself.

  3. Phil Usher says:

    Millstream makes a few tasty brews, indeed. Pass up the atrocious Amana fruit wines and stick with the beers. You’ll thank me later.

  4. Teresa Albert says:

    It’s been 8 months now that we’ve been in MN. Thanks to everyone for embracing the Millstream beers and enjoying a cold one!

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