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Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Re-Opens Tonight

townhall.jpgWhile Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery wasn’t my first brewpub experience in the Twin Cities (I think Hops was my first visit), my first visit was probably my most memorable. From the first drop of cask-conditioned Masala Mama I was hooked. I’ve always loved the location, the brewers, Pete, (almost all of) the wait staff and the regulars. And even before MNBeer launched in 2005, it seemed as if I always knew someone at Town Hall whenever i visited. Cheers? Perhaps.

In any case, Town Hall re-opens their doors to the public tonight at 6pm. They’re a Minneapolis institution, and I’m sure more than a few of you will be darkening their door tonight. Congrats to Pete and the whole crew. Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery – welcome back. We’ve missed you.