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Moylan’s Launch Party at Buster’s

Busters on 28th is holding a launch party for some new Moylan’s beers on Thursday, June 4, from 7-9 pm. $3 drafts while they last! Check out some new draft releases for Minnesota… Pomegranate Wheat, Koelsch, Hefeweizen, ESB, Dragoons Dry Irish Stout as well as Hopsickle. Enjoy!


  1. napalm says:

    I was at Busters tonight. I had the Moylans beer they were “launching”


    I had 3 different ones, and they were f****** TERRIBLE.

    One was warm pool water, the other was soap, and the last was Axe body spray. I did not finish any of them, and that’s REALLY saying something. Ugh.

  2. Ben says:

    I went last night.

    Koelsch was tasty (had 2 glasses) although it could have been a bit colder.
    ESB I didn’t care for that much as it was a bit sweet.
    Hefeweizen was pretty good although a touch on the sweet side and a bit bigger in body then your typical hefe.
    Dragoons Dry Irish Stout was thin and watery so I passed on a pint.
    Pomegranate Wheat was stupidly sweet to the point of bring undrinkable. Only college girls that are into wine coolers will enjoy that one.
    Hopsickle was tasty as always. Love a good DIPA.

  3. Ben says:

    I will say that Buster’s isn’t a great place for a release. It’s already always packed and there’s little room for the extra people that a release brings. There were people standing around the bar and a huge line out the door with a 30-45 minute wait for tables. I know they want to have these kinda things cause it draws more business for them but I just don’t think it works out that well as there just isn’t enough room at such a small place.

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