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Mulled Old Man Winter Warmer at The Blue Nile

Thanks Al… If I can swing it, I may just have to roll over to The Blue Nile on the 20th…

Have a keg of Lake Superior’s Old Man Winter Warmer I’ve been saving for a year. Gonna tap on Saturday the 20th of December, the day before the Winter Solstice…first day of winter, officially…and I’m gonna Wassail it. Gonna mull it, gonna spice it. At least cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, and possibly some fruit.

This will be available on tap as well, but I’m just gonna take some back to the stove, toss on the goodies, and mull it up. These will be available in hot drink glasses, for a reasonable price.

One of my bartenders cussed me out for messing up a great beer, but you will have a choice that day, messd-up or non-messed up. But, I guarantee a good mess!


P.S. It’ll start right at 4pm, when we open, so hopefully Town Hall pint club members and Sterb’s BA gathering goers an make it after or before.