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National Brewfest, Mankato

The 2nd Annual National Brewfest takes place in Downtown Mankato, and will be a classic rock and beer tasting festival. National and regional acts will perform and brewers from throughout the United States will feature more than 100 of the nation’s best craft brews.


  1. jim gehrke says:

    Thanks for posting the info on our event. Here’s an update: Musical guests include The Guess Who, Lamont Cranston, Big John Dickerson, The Butanes and many more bands. More information — including the beer lineup — will be available at

    Hope you all can make it!

  2. vic colway says:

    very cool Joe!!! Good job. can’t wait to see you there!!

  3. Frank Barnes says:

    any buses from the Twin towns down to Mankato on Sat?

  4. Debra Hathaway says:

    How about including a wine tasting area for those of us who don’t like beer? Call it the Brew (and vino) Fest.

  5. alex says:

    this year go to the wine bar at 9:00 in Mankato on the night of the June 20th and you can get your wine groove on with the some blues/jazz/roots. It’s going to be an awesome night!!!

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