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Happy Gnome: Rogue Batch 10,000 release tonight. Also Bell’s Best Brown and Surly Furious on Cask.

Fun starts around 7:30 or 8pm tonight (3/22). They’ll be tapping a 1/2 barrel of Rogue Batch 10,000 (the Gnomes only keg of it, though they do have a case or two of bottles as well) along with their regularly scheduled cask ale night with Bell’s Best Brown and Surly Furious.


  1. beachscrat says:

    My brother and I will probably be going to this.

  2. Moe says:

    I think I’ll be there as well with a few friends.

  3. beachscrat says:

    Sorry, we ended up at Acadia instead. Sometimes St. Paul is just too far for this Minneapolis boy. I just had Murphy’s, Shakespeare, Double Chocolate, and Summit Oatmeal Stout nitros side-by-side. Fantastic!

  4. Trav says:

    the 10k was pretty tasty…the free pint glass made the 7 dollar price tag a little easier to take though

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