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National Homebrew Day Big Brews

Check it out. Northern Brewer is brewing Town Hall’s Hope & King Scotch Ale as a Big Brew for National Homebrew Day

As a friendly reminder, Northern Brewer Saint Paul will be joining the American Homebrewer’s Association in celebrating National Homebrew Day by taking part in this year’s Big Brew.  Feel free to stop by Northern Brewer any time after we open at 10AM – we expect to be wrapping up by 4PM.

In more recent news; we have decided to collaborate with a twin cities’ favorite, The Town Hall Brewery and Tap.  For this year’s big brew session we’ll be breaking out one of Northern Brewer’s Pro Series, a collaborative line of commercial recipes for the homebrewer.  We will be brewing the Town Hall’s Hope and King Scotch Ale along with a brewer from The Town Hall.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join with two Twin Cities’ favorites and talk beer all day long on the day that our Nation joins together to celebrate beer, and brewing it at home!

We hope to see you this Saturday, but in the unfortunate event that you’re not able to join us here at the Brew Shop, don’t forget to take a moment at Noon to raise a toast to beer and Homebrewing.  You’ll be joining hundreds of thousands of American Homebrewers.

Northern Brewer Saint Paul

Minnesota Home Brewers Association will also be brewing IPA in Minnetonka.

This year’s MHBA Big Brew meeting will be held on Saturday, May 7th from 10am to 4pm at a warehouse in Minnetonka which may be the future home of a new brewery here in Minnesota. The address is: 6020 Culligan Way, Minnetonka MN 55345.

We are gong to take a new direction with Big Brew this year.  Our focus will be learning about single hop varieties in IPA’s which include bitterness, flavor, and aroma. We, as a club, will be brewing an IPA with extract and specialty grains.