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New Beer Engine at Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

This is very cool… Ngon Vietnamese Bistro in St. Paul has added a beer engine and plans to offer a cask-conditioned beer at all times, not just on special dates. Their first cask will be Tea-Bagged Surly Furious followed by Lift Bridge Pale Ale. Very cool. For those of you playing along at home, they are now offering thirteen Minnesota beers on tap. Awesome!


  1. Ben says:

    Wonder how they plan on keeping them on at all times and keeping things fresh. Happy Gnome blankets them with C02 but it still seems to go bad even by the next day.

  2. Andy s says:


  3. I just called Ngon. The tea-bagged Furious cask is up and running as of today!

  4. diedan says:

    I just got back from Ngon. It was delicious! Both beer and food. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Andy s says:

    Went there last night as well…Tea bagged furious was outstanding. Great place

  6. Jon Passki says:

    Ngon is using a carbon blanket on their cask with a very small line run. A higher gravity beer should hold easily a couple weeks. A lower one though could go within a couple days without a blanket. Ngon has the cask right to the left of the engine in a cooler. Very sweet setup.

    Happy Gnome could have some sanitation issues, too, by not sanitizing the keystone or shank areas prior to tapping or inserting spiles.

    Oh, and the Furious was awesome!

  7. Scott Jagodzinski says:

    Enjoyed the Furious Cask today…unreal. Food, also unreal.. The owner spins vinyl records at the bar. This place is outstanding…a must for foodies and beer geeks.

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