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New Offerings from Barley John’s

Winter Ale, Altbier and cribbage, oh my!

Winter Ale (8%abv): We harvested the hops growing on our patio this fall and used them in our Winter Ale. We also threw in some unique spices (caraway and fennel) resulting in a subtle “bready” flavor with a touch of licorice in the finish.

Altbier (5.8%abv): Light and crisp with an emphasis on the malt. Deep ruby red in color and fermented cool then lagered for 2 months to promote the crispness of the style. We brewed this in the German tradition incorporating a double decoction mash to pull out the intricate flavors of the malt.

Barley John’s will be hosting a Cribbage Tournament Sunday Feburary 19th at noon. The ante is $10 with the split going 65% First Place, 25% Second Place, 10% Third Place. The winner will be the person who has won the most games with the tie breaker being person with most points (double your points for a skunk!). There will be food and taps! You must register to participate, so click on the link to the left to register, we hope to see you there. Remember to bring your own cribbage board for “home field advantage”. Early birds can start at 11:30am and you must have your games started by 12:30p – no late entries. This’ll be the only winter tourney and there won’t be another one until May or so…. so, if you’re suffering from the winter blues, hang out with us instead for an afternoon of beer and comraderie and a chance to win 65% of the pot if you’re the lucky 1st place winner.