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This month’s Surly newsletter is chock full of interesting items.

Hello Surly Nation,

-Tomorrow (7/8), check out a free sample of cask Furious at the patio of The Depot in downtown Minneapolis. Surly beers only $4. Make sure you stop on by if you are going to the Twins game. Info at this Facebook page.
-Things have been busy at the brewery! We have almost sold more Surly beer this year then we did all of last year. Since sales continue to be so stupid, we are having some trouble keeping up with the demand. Unfortunately, some bars and liquor stores may run out temporairly. We have more tanks coming, but it will be awhile until they are online. Thanks for the support Surly Nation, liquor stores and bars.
-Because we are so low on beer, we have pulled kegs sales form liquor stores, so there is no kegs of Surly out there for parties and that home kegerator.
-I am putting SurlyFest and Darkness Day on the schedule. We are working with the City of Lake Loppet folks to help these events take place.
We hope to sell Darkness bottles at D-Day and SurlyFest to work as it did last year. There are some details to be worked out yet, so stay tuned.
-We are working with our friends at Bidwell ID to redesign the web-site. Finally.
-We have some new tanks that just got in. They are twice the size of our current biggest tank. They will be for lagering (long-term cold storage) of Hell, Darkness and SurlyFest.

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Get your calendar out and mark down the upcoming Surly events.

July 8th – Cask Furious @ The Depot –
July 14th – Haskells Boat Cruise
July 29th – Debut of the Surly Keg Trailer @ Stub & Herb’s 70th Anniversary Party
July 30th – Surly Beer – Sponsor of BIKE NIGHT at the MIA
August 5th – Firkin at the Edina Grill
August 8th – Great Taste of the Midwest – Madison
August 14th – Beer Tasting at the MN Zoo
September 12th – ABR
September 19th – Surlyfest at the brewery
September 24-26 – GABF – Denver
October 10th – AHA memebership Rally at Surly Brewing
October 24th – Darkness Day at the Brewery

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