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Ngon Patio Opening

I don’t know that any of us need an excuse to have lunch out on the patio but in case you were looking for a place to do it, Ngon Bistro has some pretty tempting drinks and food to lure you over to their beautiful, serene patio.

The forecast for tomorrow is 77 degrees and we’re opening our patio during lunch tomorrow. We are tapping our Ginger Honey Girl cask from Lift Bridge. We also have Flat Earth’s apricot pale, Sunburst, that pairs very nicely with some warm rays.

Enjoy it with our lunch feature; House-cured anise bacon BLT with hand-cut sweet potato fries and spicy aioli.

Cheers, Hai


  1. joe sodd says:


    My wife is turning 52 today and we will be having dinner tonight at Ngon @ 7:00PM.
    When I made reservations I asked if we might have a “chef’s choice” for four people. The person who accepted our reservation said that was not a possibility.

    If it is possible, please give me a call: Joe Sodd @ 612 860 0290

  2. ryan says:

    This is, a beer site. If you’re looking to get back in touch with Ngon Bistro, you’ll have to call them: 651.222.3301.

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