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Not to miss… Uerige Sticke Altbier cask at Bulldog NE this Wednesday.

Here’s one not to miss for import beer fans…. Uerige Sticke Altbier on cask this Wednesday early evening at The Bulldog NE.

BULLDOG NE & “Brad The Beerguy” present

Germany’s UERIGE Brewery of Dusseldorf :

The 1st German Authentic Cask in Minnesota History!

Beer : Traditional Sticke Alt

**** Michael Jackson’s Pocket Guide to Beer, p 36:
“UERIGE …is the most assertive, complex and characterful of the Alts” Düsseldorfer Altbier is one of Germany’s great beer styles. Uerige Alt is in my view the finest example of the style, and one of Germany’s truly great beers. I love it for its big, spicy hop aroma; its firm, malty, middle; and its confidently dry, appetising, finish. No short cuts, no compromises: a beer that punches it weight. Zum Uerige Sticke beautifully retains this balance. It is smooth, complex, elegant and a wonderful aperitif. A generous beer, with a touch of luxury. This beer is brewed with more malt, hops and is much richer than UERIGE Alt. Behind the massive but elegant aroma are hidden 6.5% abv. The unusual name derives from olden days, when the guests would whisper (‘stickum’ being a dialect term for whispering)the master brewer must have been a little too generous when weighing out the ingredients.