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An update from Brau Brothers Brewing Co.

brown_large_shirt.gifHere’s note from Dustin Brau from Brau Brothers Brewing Co., a Minnesota brewery…

We have started to ship the Frame Straightener! By the end of the week, well over half of our entire production of this ale will be on store shelves or on tap. If you need help finding a retailer, let me know. We will begin production of the next Single Batch Series beer next week, I have an idea of what it will be but I am still open to ideas. I’m going to bust open a couple growlers of the dubbel and trippel I found that we brewed back in ’04. Depending on what we think about it, we may bring it back to Winterfest this Feb. Also, we finally got the Brau Gear section of the website up and running. Just in time for Christmas – 2008! Now we are not only the number 1 brewery in Lucan, but also t he number 1 textile exporter.

Cheers from the little brewery on the prairie,

Dustin… save me a shirt!


  1. Scott says:

    Awesome shirts!

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