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HopSlam on it’s way

Ok, another non-Minnesota blurb. Bell’s HopSlam is once again headed our way, but in a more limited fashion than last year. Bill over at Princeton Liquor’s sent me a rather long email explaining the situation.

Hey all beer folk,
Just in case your wondering what that loud screech was on January 1st, it was the holiday business bus coming to a screeching stop. After a wicked 3 weeks of crazy business, we slow down considerably here at the store. Now does that mean I stop ordering great beer? Most certainly not. In fact the reason the outline of this email looks like paradise is the beer that will be coming in soon, will remind you all of paradise. Yes thats right HopSlam is on its way to our beautiful state. Now potentially I will be getting my shipment this week. Potentially. I have another source who says it may not reach us by late next week.

Either way, who cares, its coming. For those of you who are wondering what HopSlam is, here is a little info for you. HopSlam is Bell’s Brewery Double/Imperial India Pale Ale. The only description the website says is “A biting, bitter, tongue bruiser of an ale. With a name like Hopslam, what did you expect?”. This bad boy is a cult favorite. For those of you familiar with, you probably have seen it is rated the 41st best beer in the world.

Ok, I am sure all of you are getting giddy just thinking about HopSlam. Well you should be. Although there is some bad news. It is only being brewed once this year. Last year you had multiple chances to get your hands on it. This year, once it is gone, it is GONE!!!!! Also, there was no pre order for it. My company is only getting about 200 cases of it. That means that every single store in their territory, gets to split up 200 cases.
Six packs, again this year, will be going for $12.99. I will be putting it in the cooler and letting anyone pick at it. Here is the deal though, anyone on this list interested in buying a case, email me immediately to let me know. I am ordering what I can this Wednesday. So if you want a case, email me at or before Wednesday morning. Odds are you don’t have to guarantee a case, but heres the deal I am offering.
If you put your order in for a case before I order all of mine, I will sell the case to you for $45.99!!!!!! You save 6 bucks. That means your are getting $1.50 off each six pack. Now like I said, there will be more than enough to just purchase on your own, but if you are planning on buying a case, you might as well email me and have me hold one for you. You don’t even need to pick it up right away, I just want to make sure I have enough ordered for the people who want an entire case, or 2 or 3….
Ok, that is it for now. If it does not come in this week, it will be here for sure next week.
Thanks everyone for caring about great beer,


  1. al says:

    I am officially authorized by Corey Shovein to declare that Hohenstein’s will get HopSlam on Friday.
    So there.

  2. ben says:

    Picked up mine yesterday at Princeton’s, its delicious!

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