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Odell Tasting at Heritage Tonight!

The crew at Heritage is hosting a tasting with beer from Odell Brewing tonight. Head on over and sample two new beers to the Minnesota market, from 5-7PM.

*Friek* is a creative amalgamation invented by the brewers, blending a Kriek style ale with a Framboise as the newest offering in Odell’s Single Serve series of beers. Multiple Kriek Lambic ales were brewed over the past three years and fermented with a combination of yeasts (some wild), lactobacillus, and pediococcus. Then, 3500 pounds of sweet and tart cherries were added, and the beer was transferred into oak barrels where it aged taking on the cherry flavors. As the beer matured, Framboises (raspberries) from Schroyer Family Farms in Fort Collins were hand-picked by Odell Brewing co-workers and readied for the beer. The fresh raspberries were added just before the final blending.

Light and effervescent in the nose, *Friek *marries a tart cherry pucker with a bright raspberry finish. The two flavors co-mingle on the tongue, and the lactobacillus creates a sour complexity that accentuates the fruit. The beer is 100% bottle conditioned in cork and cage bottles.

*Myrcenary*, Odell’s new 4 pack Double IPA should be very popular with hopheads and is named for Myrcene, a component of essential oils in the hop flower. With some grassy hops, a bit of bitter resin, perhaps a hint ofpine, the taste is big and nicely bitter with some chewy resin flavor going on. A hint of pine, strong and bitter hop profile here, with a light malt color and flavor creating a surprising amount of substance.