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Oktoberfest Beer Dinner

The Dining Studio, which previously hosted an amazing Flat Earth beer dinner, is hosting an Oktoberfest beer dinner with co-host Michael Agnew, Minnesota’s only certified Cicerone.

The beers: Victory, Ayinger, Surly, Kostritzer and Wiehenstephan.

The food: Signature soft pretzels, passed hors d’oeuvres and four paired courses.

According to owner Philip Dorwart, “We take an original approach to beer dinners and use very little beer in the actual cooking of paired courses. Instead, we use more of a wine dinner model by highlighting a flavor in the beer with food. By implementing this practice we are able to offer unique beer to food matching without relying on the “just add some beer” ethos.”

Cost: $65 + tax
Call 612-331-3310 to reserve your seat.


  1. al says:

    what’s a “Cicerone”?
    whatever it is, I’m sure Micheal’s a good one!

  2. al says:

    PS. most local beer dinners are exactly what he’s talking about, and not about cooking with beer.

  3. jiima says:

    Cicerone is a “Sommelier of beer”. I went to their Rush River dinner and was blown away at the pairings and place.

  4. Yeah, I’m not sure what he’s talking about when he says his beer dinners are different. I’ve been to a lot of beer dinners with most being about the pairing of beer and food and not about using beer in the preparation of the food.

    That said, the one dinner I had at the Dining Studio was great!

  5. Mag says:

    +1 on Dining Studio. I went to their event featuring Flat Earth. Fantastic. I highly recommend!

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