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Olvalde Tastings: Ale Jail & Four Firkins

For the first time in the Twin Cities, Olvalde Farmhouse Ales, MN’s newest (real!) brewery will be tasting The Auroch’s Horn, a strong Belgian style golden ale TODAY at the Ale Jail from 4-6pm. Stop in and support another local brewery! Adam asks “Did I mention it’s brewed with honey, 10% ABV and delicious?” Only one way to find out. Head over today.

And if Friday doesn’t work for you, The Four Firkins will be hosting an event with Joe from Olvalde Farmhouse Ales as well. from 6-8pm Saturday.

Joe does just about all the work for the brewery including hand bottling, corking and caging his 750ml bottles.

“The Auroch’s Horn is a nod to the Belgian Strong Golden style. Joe uses an American yeast strain along with honey to create a 10% ABV golden ale refermented in the bottle with hints of lemon, pear, peach and honeysuckle. Complimenting these flavors throughout is a light honey essence.”


  1. ry4an says:

    Sounds great. What day at four firkins?

  2. ryan says:

    Sorry ry4an… Saturday.

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