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We won’t pretend to know coffee – thankfully Andrew Kopplin does… Dawn and I stopped by Kopplin’s Coffee today before visiting Summit for my step-brother’s birthday and walked away with some excellent coffee. I’ll leave the musing about coffee to Twin Cities Imbiber, but Kopplin’s Coffee is definitely worth a visit… or five…


  1. Eric says:

    Being the cheap-ass that I am, I was initially shocked by the prices–$2.50 for a small cup of coffee (up to more than $5 for some varieties)!! But this ain’t your mama’s coffee. Each cup is individually brewed with freshly gound beans and lots of care, and you can really taste it. I return frequently when I crave The Best Cup of Coffee in Town, and highly recommend you do too.

  2. Chris L. says:

    Gotta do a road trip there sometime soon. One of the few places around that “gets it”.

  3. ryan says:

    I was really pleased. I’m a bit of a coffee novice, but I really got a lot of the complexities from the coffee. Good stuff. The Clovers are cool machines to see in action, too.

  4. mag says:

    Do they have high-end antacids that I can take after I enjoy, what I’m sure would be a great cup of coffee???

  5. lee says:

    over hyped, but they know their shit and consistently pull beautiful shots of espresso. thankfully, the new cafe is quite close to my apartment, which means I can wait 15 minutes for my caffe (i’m not kidding)

  6. TruthBrew says:

    Lee.. that would surely be a long drive for my morning fix!

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