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Peak Organic Tasting at The Four Firkins

Peak Organic Tasting night.
Tuesday 25th of November 5:30pm

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Peak Organic rep Dennis will be at the Firkins handing out free samples of his beer from 5:30 pm on Tuesday 25th. The samples will include his new Espresso Amber ale featured below. We’ll also have the regular Amber and the Nut Brown on hand to try.

This is an OPEN HOUSE event and it is FREE. You can come by anytime after 5:30pm to taste some beer and chat with Dennis.


  1. I’ve had a pint of the Espresso Amber while drinking at the Blu Door, pretty dam good I must say. I’ve had several of thier beers from the bottle and have found them all to quite tasty. Give them a try, you can’t beat the price not to mention you’ll be at the Four Firkins. If you can’t find a beer you like there, well enough said.

  2. Kris says:

    I agree, Steve, their Espresso Amber (on tap at Stub & Herb’s) is very, very good.

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