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Progress at The Four Firkins

Here are a couple of photos as a tease of what’s to come at The Four Firkins in St. Louis Park. Carpeting has been removed, floors have been installed, walls have been painted and fridges and shelving arrive next week. More importantly, Jason’s ordering beer soon. The grand opening is slated for May 24th… if only I could make it! Urgh.

Floors at The Four Firkins



  1. Gordon says:

    Just make sure the Beer is ordered!
    As long as you have a Certificate of occupancy, and a liquer license everything eles can wait

  2. Jeff says:

    Looking forward to checking the place out Alvey.

  3. Mag says:

    No offense, but I’m not coming until there’s some fricken’ beer! Good luck on the work.

  4. DoubleBast says:

    Just curious – Any unique micros you plan on bringing to the FF? Stuff that wouldn’t be found at, Surdyks, for example?

    In any case, good luck, I’ll be sure to stop by. Stock up on some Avery Maharaja, which I can’t seem to find lately, and I’ll be your best customer…

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