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Schell’s Bock Fest

Schell’s 2008 Bock Fest will be Saturday, February 2nd. We’ll provide more information as we get it. If wandering around the woods in the heart of a Minnesota winter while drinking beer and looking for the elusive wooden bock seems like a good idea (and it’s Schell’s beer, so, yeah, it’s a good idea), then this is your event.

Bock Fest is once again upon us, and we are working diligently here at the brewery in preparation for the big day. But as we carefully prepare the last kegs of delicious Bock Beer, and sketch out a few more imaginary clues, and we would like to take a minute to fill everyone in on a few things about Bock Fest this year.

The event runs from 11am to 4:30pm, with the gates opening at 10:45am. It’s ALL OUTSIDE, so please dress for the elements. We recommend red plaid and some sort of animal fur but our fashion sense may be a little off. Admission is $5.00 for everyone. We will be checking ID’s, and wristbanding at the gate. As always, no backpacks or alcohol are allowed to be brought in. There will be plenty of tasty Schell’s beer waiting for you once you are inside, we promise. The line outside the gates might be a bit intimidating, but it moves pretty fast. Last year it took about ten minutes to get from the back of the line through the gate. For everyone traveling to the fest on buses, please note that you still have to go through the main gates to have your ID checked, be wristbanded, and pay admission. Once you are inside, the fun begins!

The great Bock Hunt begins with prizes for each of the seven Bocks of winter that are captured. And yes, Ted swears they are still out there from last year. The illustrious Bock Fest Boys have once again managed to find time off from their world tour to grace us with their musical talents. Any guesses as to how many times Ring of Fire will be played this year?

We will have three bonfires roaring in case you get a little chilly, or want to try having your beer poked. If you’re hungry, we’ll be serving lots of tasty food in several locations. Bock brats, landjaegers, sauerkraut, chicken dumpling soup, bread stix & cheese, and popcorn will all be on sale, and will surely hit the spot. Lest we forget, we’ll have 28 tap lines running non-stop, serving that delicious Schell’s Bock and Light beer we all love and came to celebrate! We can’t wait to see ya there! And don’t forget- DRESS WARMLY!

Zicke Zacke,

Zicke Zacke,

Heu Heu Heu!!!

 Bock on,

Ted Marti


  1. David Berg says:

    You realize, of course, the more people that attend, the more I have to work ;^) Do I recall someone saying once “no rest for the wicked?”

  2. mag says:

    Heh, I’m not sure if I’m sorry or not. I think having more warm bodies crushed together outside in February is probably not all that bad.

  3. Trav says:

    I reserved my hotel room last year when I checked out, and they were already sold out!

  4. mag says:

    …hmm, seems like renting a bus (with a bathroom, of course) for the event might not be a bad idea…

  5. Ben says:

    There are a number of busses that go down there from local places. Happy Gnome and Herkimer both offered them last year for around $40 including breakfast and beer on the bus. Two years ago we rented 2 16 passenger vans to take down there. Renting a bus is something we’ve looked at but it’s not cheap and you end up paying a lot less to take one of the busses run by others.

  6. shane (dancin' man) says:

    ill be in enroute!

  7. Paul says:

    Happy Gnome isn’t doing their bus this year and the Herkimer is all full. Anyone know of another place in the Twin Cities running a bus to bockfest?

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