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Schell’s Stag Series #2

Wild Rice Farmhouse Ale. Due out Oct 1. 2010. From the Schell’s website:

The second release in the Stag Series is August Schell’s interpretation of a traditional Belgian Farmhouse Ale.  This Farmhouse Ale exhibits an earthy/nutty character due to the generous use of Minnesota Wild Rice, the State Grain of Minnesota.

The Wild Rice is combined with 2-Row, Munich, Vienna, and a touch of Rye malt to create a complementary backbone to the unique fermentation characteristics of the yeast.  Dry and thirst quenching, this Farmhouse Ale is hopped with Goldings.

• Original Gravity: 14.5 Plato
• 7.0% Alcohol By Volume
• 29 International Bitterness Units
• 5.5 SRM

• 100 US Barrels
• Available in 6 Packs, 12oz Bottles, and on draft.
• October 1, 2010 release date


  1. Trav says:

    Six pks this time? nice. Sounds like a nice fall beer.

  2. Jonny says:

    @ Trav

    Ya see? They *do* listen to what folks say over at BeerAdvocate : D

    (This post brought to you by Brewfarm Select)

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