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How Now Brau Crowd

‘Zup?  Here’s an update from Dustin Brau of Brau Bros.

Very quickly, this is what’s going on in Lucan,

I apologize for resending the Rubus Black info, but quite a few ISP’s kicked it back to me last time so I will include it.  Feedback on the beer has been terrific; this is a recipe we will definitely save for future brewing.  When not using locally grown malt, I like maris otter as a base malt.  It’s fun and easy to build body with it.  I’ve got Iowa’s Rubus set to ship, Wisconsin’s is on its way, and South Dakota already has theirs.  Time to start thinking about what to do next in the 750’s.  Any ideas??

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what this year’s Fresh Hop Ale is going to be.  We’ll be patient this year, and wait for the Cascade’s to mature, which means fantastic dry hopping.  Remember, we grow all of our hops right on premises for the fresh hop ale.  Literally, we take them about a hundred yards from the bines to the brew house.  From picking to brewing, we can usually make it in about a half hour.  Folks, they don’t get any fresher than that!  Waiting for Cascade means the beer will probably be brewed in a month or two, and will release when a proper dry hopping is achieved. 

With lupulin on the Centennials, we’re getting anxious to start picking hops.  This is a great time to come out and visit us here at the brewery!  The barley is starting to turn, the hops actually look like hops, and the beer tastes mighty good.  If you haven’t been out, it’s a great day trip.  We do not schedule tank-looking-at tours.  When you come out to visit us, someone from the family will personally show you around, from hopyard to taps.  You’ll see the full circle of life for beer.  Tours are free; however we do ask for a $3/person donation which all goes to local Lions Clubs for community projects.  Just give a call or send an email and let us know when you can make it.  They are all done by appointment, and you’d be surprised how many we do drop-in.  Don’t be afraid of Lucan, it’s not like deliverance down here.

Old 56, The Truck, is coming along slowly but surely.  As is usually the case, if I say it will be ready to roll by spring, you’re looking at late fall.  Who knows, maybe we’ll pull that iron out of the fire and hammer it out soon.  Thankfully, things have been extremely busy around here, and we’re struggling mightily to fill out our beer orders.  Good challenges, for sure.

Take care,