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Smokin’ in the Boys Room at Beer School

Well yeah, so no smoking in the bathrooms at at Republic, but… there is a change with Beer School starting Wednesday. Due to the popularity of Beer School, it’ll be split into two sessions to make room for everyone – one at 5:30pm and one at 7:00pm The two classes will be essentially identical, so feel free to come to whichever works better for you on any given week. The first class featured Lanny Hoff of Artisanal Imports and Dave Anderson of Dave’s Brewfarm, and last week Nate Sellergren guiding the class through Stone’s beers. There’s 14 weeks left in the Spring semester, and some great breweries are lined-up. As always, the price is $5 per class, or $30 for the remaining 14 classes of the semester.


  1. Heidi Gartelos says:

    Is this class still open for people to drop in (starting now)? I would be very interested.

    1. ryan says:

      You can visit any class ala carte – no need to sign up for the whole semester…

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