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Staples Mill Lager of DeVine Destruction Release Wednesday

Join Staples Mill Brewing Company for their launch of Lager of DeVine Destruction on Wednesday from 4-8pm at the brewery in Stillwater. They’re selling gottles for $10 which includes a 16 oz. pint of said lager as well. Cheers!

This unique lager is made with Black Current and Grappa-Infused White Oak.  We get our Black Currents from Natura Farms in Forest Lake, MN.  The Mayan Calendar suggests that this year is the end of the world, so why not drink a decadent lager as we approach the destruction of all we know?  Each bottle of Lager of DeVINE Destruction is hand-?lled, hand-capped and hand-labeled before it is numbered and packaged.  Only 1,000 750ml bottles will be available in stores, so grab yours and toast living like the end of the world is at hand.


  1. beermale says:

    Who brews their wort for them?

  2. ryan says:

    If I remember correctly, they work with a retired brewer in North Carolina who ships them wort periodically.

  3. Trav says:

    Im really sceptical of these guys after trying the Bourbon Coffee Stout they put out. It had zero bourbon to it, and was all stale coffee.

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