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Strib piece on new beers

For many of us, this is old news, but for most Minnesotans, the announcement of the arrival of Odells, Great Lakes, Deschuttes and Weyerbacher breweries into the Minnesota market will come as welcome news. Michael Agnew of A Perfect Pint has penned an overview in today’s Star Tribune.


  1. Hater says:

    Most if not all the pictures were take in the liquor store. I bet the writer hasn’t sampled all of those listed and was basing his opinion from the liquor store clerk.


  2. surlybrewer says:

    I’ll take that bet…..

  3. David says:

    Who picks Finnegans as a Top 10 in Minnesota? Really. Try drinking one of them first.

    He picked the wrong Lake Superior beer too. The Kayak Kolsch is outstanding in the summer months!

  4. al says:

    I’m with Todd, you’ll lose “hater”…Michael knows his stuff.

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