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Flat Earth December Update

Greetings Flat Earth Believers,

Here is the plan for this month.

We have a brewery tour scheduled for Saturday the 13th of December at 4 p.m. no reservations needed.

Porterfest continues with the following porters this month during our weekly growler sales from 3:30 – 6:30 on the following dates:

12/11 Mystic Rhythms Porter – Raspberry infused Cygnus X-1
12/18 Freewill Porter – Vanilla infused Cygnus X-1
12/22 & 12/23 Snow Dog Porter – Peppermint infused Cygnus X-1
12/31 Big Money Porter – Wood Aged Cygnus X-1

Friday the 12th we will be at Pracna on Main (117 Main SE Minneapolis) for DFTK Fundraiser!

We are firming up a few more events for December, so check out our calendar later this week for all the Flat Earth Beer Goodness.

Finally kegs and casks of Winter Warlock 2008 left the brewery last week and will be showing up at a local watering hole near you.

Have a wonderful Holiday season!

Jeff & Cathie Williamson
Flat Earth Brewing Company

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  1. Trav says:

    The Hold your fire last week was awesome! Be nice if there was some of that left this week.

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