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Stub & Herb’s Overcome by Darkness

Surly Darkness release party heads to the U of M campus this year, complete with some new art work for the imbibers.

Save your bottles!!!

Come drink some Darkness on draft. Stub and Herb’s will be cracking the first keg at 7:PM on October 30. We are proud to host the draft kick off party. The Surly boys will be in the house. All Surly beers will be on special.

Come drink some under the largest Surly logo in town. We currently have painters hard at work on the first Surly mural in town. Thanks to Omar and the crew for putting it up for us.

We hope to see you there.


  1. I have patented a new hand cart that safely and easily transports a keg of beer. Keg Caddy can be leased out by party stores for extra income. Ultizing Keg Caddy will allow you an adverage of between 12 to 14 extra pictures of beverage per keg (less foam).
    If interested, I can email you pictures.
    Thank you
    Mr. Kim C. Snook
    Keg Caddy L.L.C.

  2. Eric says:

    Yeah, because actually serves beer….

  3. Jon from Stub's says:

    you should patented your spelling technique.

  4. Jon from Stub's says:

    I would ulitize it alot.

  5. LOL…now that’s funy. Im theire if notin doesn’t comeup…

  6. Bucksnort101 says:

    Me thinks I may head over to Stub & Herbs as well. See how much spare cash I have on hand?

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