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Summit Unchained #10

The latest in Summit’s Unchained Series, #10 is a Belgian Style Abbey Ale, courtesy of brewer Nate Siats. The beer is slated for a July 23 release. We’ll post release info shortly, but for now here are some specs. Cheers!

Malts: Weyermann Pilsner, Weyermann Abbey, & Weyermann Melanoidin
Hops: German Tettnang & Czech Saaz
Special Additions: Belgian Amber Candi Sugar
Target Alcohol: 8.00% vol
Target IBU’s: 33 packaged
Color: 25 Lovibond, deep amber – rich mahogany
OG: 18 degrees plato
Yeast: Belgian Trappist Ale strain
Notable flavors: Sweet malt characteristics, raisins, prunes, pears, slight spicy notes; overall slightly sweet and fruity estery characteristics


  1. al says:

    Nice! My favorite style.

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