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Summit Unchained #2 Details

Carey over at Summit sent me a bottle of cough syrup and the full details on #2 in the Unchained Series.

Here you go Mr. Anderson, to cure what ales you:

90/-, a Scottish Style Ale with Heather, will be the next beer in the Summit Unchained Series.  Veteran brewer Eric Blomquist will be in charge of this hearty brew, perfect to ward off the impending chill of winter.  Look for this beer in November.  Some stats:

The 90/- will have a rich mahogany appearance with an off white to tan head.  The center point of this ale is smooth and rounded, yet complex, malt characteristics which include caramel notes and a hint of roastiness.  In the background, light herbal flavor and aroma from the heather and Willamette hops will be followed by a slightly warming and sweet finish.  It will be light to moderate in carbonation.

Color:  Mahogany
Malt:  Blend of Golden Promise with other specialty malts and grains from the UK
Kettle Additions: Target and Willamette hops,  wild Scottish heather
Yeast:  Authentic UK Ale strain
OG:  16.5 ° Plato
IBU:  25
ABV:  7.0%


  1. Dave says:

    I’m drinking this beer right now and I have to say, it’s delicious. I will be buying this again, and I’ll be saddened when someday it disappears from my local liquor store’s shelves.

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