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Sunday Night Supper at Barley John’s

Yum. Another Sunday Night Supper at Barley John’s. Enjoy.

This Sunday (1/21/07) we will be open for another Sunday Night Supper between 4:00pm and 8:00 pm. Our Sunday Night Suppers incorporate classic homestyle food in a relaxed preset menu format. Supper will include a Waldorf Salad to start and your choice of: Chicken Pot Pie, Stuffed Shells with Vegetables or Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables – and of course there will be a Dessert! The regular menu will not be available, but all of our taps will be! A reminder that we are not able to fill growlers on Sundays. Call for details or reservations: 651-636-4670 – $12

While we are on the subject of Dinners – Barley John’s will be featuring a special/romantic Valentines Dinner (2/14/07). The menu is still in the works, but from experience it will be spectacular. Our V-Day dinners are typically 4-5 courses with specific wine or beer pairings with each course – we even dim the lights a little extra for a more intimate setting! We will be sending out an email with the official menu and price within the next week or so. We are now taking reservations: 651-636-4670 for those that don’t need to know the details!