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Surly Tour/Growler Sale

Straight from Omar at Surly Brewing:

Here’s what you need to know:
1) On sale at the brewery Saturday, Nov 11th @ 12- 2:30pm, tour at 12:30.
2) Growlers of Darkness, Furious and Bender will be available.
3) There will only be 30 growlers of Darkness (limit 1 per person). Don’t
show up at 2pm and cry that you missed out.
4) Darkness $20, Furious $9, Bender $8, plus the growler ($3).
5) By law, we can’t fill growlers from other breweries. So don’t bother
bringing them.
6) Yes, we are happy to take your money in any form, including credit
cards. And yes, you can give us more of your money for t-shirts, hats,
sweatshirts and glasses.
7) Beer tasting will be AFTER the tour.

Where is Surly, you ask? Here’s a map from Google. Enjoy.

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    Where is this at?

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