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Surly Update

Surly Brewing, the newest Minnesota brewery, sent out their second mailing, and in case you didn’t get it, here’s the lowdown… First and foremost, there’s a great article on the brewery in Minnesota Homebrewer’s Association newsletter, The Boiler.

Unfortunately, Surly hasn’t received all of its equipment yet, so we won’t be drinking their beer at Autumn Brew Review. I’m sure, however, that they’ll be ready for this year’s Winterfest instead.

In light of the delay, Surly is having a contest:

Why don’t you tell us when we will first brew, and then we’ll both know! Seriously – let’s have a “Guess the brew date contest.” Send us the date you think we’ll first start brewing. It could be any day between tomorrow (not so likely) and Dec. 31st (2005, for the smart-alecks out there). The winner gets his/her choice of $100 worth of Surly merchandise, anything from hats to frisbees to glasses to shirts and jackets.

So let’s hear it! Shoot us an email at, pick your date and prepare to be the first on your block to rock some Surly swag. Vote today, drink tomorrow!