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We’ve got swag! You can buy glasses at Autumn Brew Review and Alvey at The Four Firkins has a case as well. Openers are free. The plan is to move on up to something fancier once these glasses go. Drink up!


  1. David Berg says:

    My lawyers will have a field day once they figure out you lifted the tag line from a Guild ad/t-shirt! Oh yeah, I don’t have any lawyers. Oh well, I’ll settle for that damn cookie you owe me…

  2. Moe says:

    Awesome, looks great!

  3. ryan says:

    How can I not lift such a universally good line? 🙂

    How about a cookie and a couple of glasses?

  4. surly brewer says:

    Thats one sharp lookin’ napkin holder Ryan!

  5. Ben says:

    Mac crew!

  6. ryan says:

    Todd – it works even better as a beer gauge… once Minnesota is clear, you need more beer!

    Ben – definitely!

  7. beckel says:

    The glasses turned out lovely, good stuff man. I’ll have to grab one from you at ABR.

  8. LadyTracy says:

    What about buttons? Buttons are great advertising!

  9. ryan says:

    Hrrm. Maybe we could have some “VOTE MNBEER” buttons in the fall…

  10. If you like Swag I am a Schlitz Gusto Girl, I can hook you up. By the way do to the hard work of us ladies in Go Go boots Schlitz id launching nation wide now. Thanks MN!!!!!

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