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Fulton Libertine Aged in 2 Gingers Whiskey Barrels Thursday at the Taproom

Perhaps you’ve seen the oak barrels hanging out over at Fulton’s brewery… Curious to see… or rather taste what’s inside? Here’s your chance. Fulton’s Libertine has been aging in these oak barrels from 2 Gingers, and they report that Libertine, oak and whiskey have “mellowed into a marriage of flavors that’s nothing short of sublime.”

Thursday is your chance to sample said beer in the taproom. Pricing will be $5 for a 10 oz pour. No growlers or bottles due to the limited size of the brew.

If you’re not able to  make it on Thursday, they’ll be doing several more draft releases over the next couple weeks at bars & restaurants around the metro area. Keep your eyes on Fulton’s Facebook and Twitter feeds for details.