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Hey Art Nerds, How ‘Bout a Beer Gig?


Our friends at Surly Brewing Company are looking for their next featured artist. Said artist will create art for Surly’s next anniversary beer (∞ight?), SurlyFest & Darkness. You’ll no doubt see the artwork on bottles posters, shirts and other fun things.  Surly has worked with a variety of artists over the past number of years (tattoo artists, graphic designers, illustrators, painting elephants) , so the medium & style is wide open with the caveat that the work needs to be unique and “Surly.”

And while recognition and free beer is nice, this is a paid gig as well. “The chosen one” will be working from concept to design to finished piece with the merry men and women of Surly on a timeline.

Care to join the likes of artists such as  Josh “Jawsh” Lemke, Brent Schoonover, Michael Berglund, Aesthetic Apparatus, DWITT, Nic Skrade, and Adam Turman?  Send some info about yourself, your connection with Surly and examples of your previous work (links to your portfolio, etc.) to michael@surlybrewing.com by Friday, March 7.

Good luck!