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Oysters & Summit Oyster Stout at Meritage

Sometimes you read an article and a line jumps out at you. Hell, sometimes it’s just a fragment:

…Summit Beer’s launch of its first oyster stout… (Pioneer Press – article link)

Granted, the Pioneer Press article is about more than just a beer, but I do have a bit of a one-track mind. So aside from the fact that Meritage is holding their second-annual Oyster Fest on September 30th from noon-8pm (which is a big deal in itself), here’s the snippet to make beer geeks excited:

Summit Brewery will launch their Oyster Stout, inspired by and made from our very own oyster shells. In first discussions the Brewers are thinking a British perspective and tradition might be an interesting way to go. Enjoy your pint, and even join us at the pairing station to learn about the beer, its process and pairing oysters with it. We’re even in development for a seminar on the brew and the history of Oyster Stouts.

Further details forthcoming. Aside from great beer, Meritage has a great schedule of music, education, pairings, oyster shucking and more planned for the day. For a schedule and less beer-obsessed information, visit their website.