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Schell’s Shocked Raddler Released

Schell's Schell ShockedWe’ve been hearing about this one for a while and after a bit of a stutter, Schell’s new radler beer, Shell Shocked has been released in both 16 oz. cans and bottles. Read on for the entire press release. Cheers!

New Ulm, MN. July 3, 2013 – Originally expected to be released May 1st, Schell Shocked has undergone two additional months of research and development to ensure the highest quality along with the addition of a new all-natural flavoring. Schell Shocked is a clear, golden Radler style beer produced during the summer months. Radler in German means “cyclist”, which refers to its reputation as a popular sports drink. It is a beer-based mixed drink (Biermischgetränk) with a long history in German-speaking regions.

After initially serving this sense-shocking brew with a grapefruit twist on tap in 2012, 16oz. cans and bottles are now available. It’s light, crisp body combines mild malt flavor, hop bitterness and a sensational citrus essence. Ideal for those sun-kissed afternoons, this invigorating blend provides the ultimate in summer refreshment.

Beer Style: German Radler
Availability: Schell Shocked will be produced throughout the summer season.
Alcohol By Volume: 4.6%
International Bitterness Units: 12