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Schell Snowstorm 2012: Bière de Noël

Yeah, so it’s probably too hot outside to make a joke about an impending snowstorm, right?

Would you like to hear about a Snowstorm? Schell’s is planning one for November 1st, 2012… specifically a Bière de Noël!

This year’s Snowstorm is modeled after beers traditionally brewed in France for the holiday season. According to my not so top secret sources:

Schell Bière de Noël displays a highly aromatic nose:  malty with a good dash of yeast esters (peppery, spicy, and citrusy).  On the palate, the yeast influence is once again evident, with notes of white pepper and citrus.  In the background, a herbal hop can be found.  Despite the dryness of the beer, it displays an incredibly silky mouthfeel.


French Pils
2 Row
French Special Aromatic
Midnight Wheat


French Ale yeast

OG 14.5°P, IBU 24, 18 SRM, 6-7% abv