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Three years ago, I put out a request for more writers. We had 2-3 writers at that time and I took on the bulk of the work. I was trying to maintain a taplist for local craft beer bars (which would be an absolute nightmare today), grow the site’s readership and introduce Minnesotans to the diversity of craft beer in their state. Lofty goals. In any case, Mag and Kris were amongst the very first to volunteer.

I caught their passion for local craft beer immediately. Like myself, they love great beer, love sharing great beer and don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re fun, dynamic and totally plugged into the craft beer world. For MNBeer, they worked tirelessly to gather local beer news & events while still finding time to drink beer with unmatched fervor!

Seriously, Mag and Kris, I thank you, MNBeer thanks you and the local craft beer community heartily thanks you!

We wish you well!

A votre sante!


  1. David Berg says:

    Hear Hear! Have fun in PDX….it’s a great town. Of all the places I’ve lived, it’s the only one I truly miss.

  2. Mag says:

    Thanks Ryan and Dave. I appreciate the comments. Hopefully we’ll get back in town from time to time and can catch up.

  3. Carey says:

    Good luck guys! Thanks for being supporters of MN beer, we at Summit appreciate it!

  4. Ben says:

    Best of luck in Portland. 🙂

  5. Joey says:

    Thanks! I check daily!

  6. surlybrewer says:

    Thank you for all your help!You will be missed around here at Surly.



  7. Greg says:

    We’re all going to miss you guys, had a great time working with both of you @ Surly!


  8. David Berg says:

    Oh yeah, one last thing Mag…I’d be remiss (and you’d be disappointed) if I didn’t say…Don’t let the door his you in the a@@ on your way out!

    Seriously though, safe trip and let us know what’s happening. Go find Klickitat street, and for crying out loud, read a Beverly Cleary book!

  9. David Berg says:

    The effect is diminished when you misspell “hit”

  10. al says:

    Wonderful knowing you two, have a great life out there!


  11. jori says:

    gonna miss u guys! it was great working with u at surly, just dont forget to come back and visit 🙂 and good luck!

  12. Ben says:

    What’ll your new blog be called?

  13. mag says:

    @ Ben Dunno yet. May play with a non-blogspot blog with our own domain name. That means I need to think hard so as to avoid having a really dumb blog name (not that this won’t happen anyway).

    @ All Thanks again. Really do appreciate the comments/wel wishing.

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