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Town Hall Beer Release: Heather Ale

You know, I was just thinking that I don’t know anyone named Heather anymore, and then I remembered my friend in Duluth whose name just happens to be Heather. Heather brought us to the coolest Halloween Party ever a couple of years ago. Actually there were two parties… one with a 20+ foot bonfire, a witch on a zip line, a pig roast and some bands. The other party though smaller was just as cool… they had a keg of Summit EPA and Trampled by Turtles played in the garage. Duluth knows how to party.

But this is not about Duluth, nor is it about a woman named Heather. This post is about Minneapolis Town Hall‘s Heather Ale, scheduled to be released for the enjoyment of your bellies (and minds) on Monday, November 20th. Mike doesn’t come out and say it, but perhaps this beer will be released at 5pm with a discounted price on pints from 5-6pm. Perhaps not. I’ll see what I can find out…

Hey All,
Well we made you the Gobbler for your turkey dinner. Looks like you are going to drink all of that well before Turkey Day. Let’s try this…

Monday (11/20) we will release our Heather Ale, also a tremendous choice for your Thanksgiving meal. This is a Scottish style ale brewed traditionally without the use of hops. Scottish brewers back in the day often had no hops to use due to a short growing season and high cost of import. One ingredient that they did often use was the flower of the heather plant that grew on the hillsides of their native land. The result of this historical offering is a beer that has a spendid herbal/citrus character backed by rich Scottish malt flavors.

If I don’t see you, say hello to the family and enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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  1. Love the sight. Love the beer. Thanks much.

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