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Town Hall Release (s?)

Patio season is here and Town Hall has a great one so get on over there, drink lots, and we’ll be rewarded with not one, but TWO releases next week!

Hey All,
Great turn out for Maibock 2009. Some of you may have noticed a guy on a ladder with a camera. That was Terrence Fogarty, a Minnesota artist that we commissioned to do a limited edition print of the event. Those of you that know his stuff realize how talented he is….can’t wait to see the outcome. We will have a limited number of the prints available at some point. I will keep you updated.
This coming Monday 5/10 we will release our Krystal Weiss. Made in a similar way to Hefeweizen, but this is filtered to a brilliant clarity. A beer style that is most commonly affiliated with the Austrian people.
If you are really good and drink a ton of beer this week, we will also release our Cherry Ale. This is a fun beer made with two yeasts and tart cherries. Yep growlers of each will be available.

Also- A big welcome to all the new pint club members. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you this weekend, seems like another fine group!