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Town Hall Update

Realized it’s been a while since the last email and you may need a little love-

Let’s see if I can help out-

This coming weekend we celebrate Oktoberfest! we have the tent, beer,food, and live music all we need is you!

Friday tent hours 5-midnight with food stopping one hour earlier

5-6pm we release Town Hall Oktoberfest Lager (Yep you get the deal from 5-6 on that beer) RELEASE IN TENT ONLY

Beer- TH OFest, TH Dortmunder Lager, Summit OFest, Hofbrau OFest, Paulaner OFest, and Hacker Pschorr Ofest in tent featuring .5L and liter mugs

Food- We will feature Bison Brats, Brats, Bison Burgers in tent

Music- Dr. Kielbasa will play 7-10 pm (We know they are Polish Polka….We don’t care, they are super fun!)

and don’t forget the Hammerschlagen…..what’s that?…….. come and see

Saturday tent hours from noon-midnight with food stopping 1 hour before

-Music from Dr. Kielbasa 1-3 and 4-7 pm

We are doing this as a joint effort with our friends next door at the Holiday Inn, thanks to them. Also want to thank ours friens to the north at Fitger’s Brewhouse for the use of thier traveling beer trailer.

Want some more fun?

October 10-14 is Fresh Hop Week!

We will release ours that monday and feature 4 others for your enjoyment

Still want more fun??

October 17 we release Petunia’s Pumpkin Ale

Really???? You still want even more fun…….

October 24-29 is ANNIVERSARY WEEK!

here is a little sneak peek………

5 beer releases, A proper Food/Beer dinner limited to just 50 peeps and offering your only preview into our Winter/Vintage Beer Line (menu next week), the return of one of your favorite barrel aged dudes, mango in a growler (the real stuff, not that imposter from last year) and I almost forgot……..THREE HOUR TOUR

How’s that for love??????

Ps. No entry fee for the tent!


  1. Ben says:

    Oktoberfest is on the schedule for the weekend. Along with Rauchfest at Harriet Brewing. When will we get a weekend off? It’s a tough job.

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