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Vine Park F.B.X Series

This sounds cool… Vine Park has teamed up with Furthermore to do some collaborative Belgian Wittes. They’ll be releasing them one by one in growlers. All beers come from one brew session but have been fermented with different yeasts. Try them all? Okay, if you insist…

…and though we promised we’d shut our mouths beyond saying that the F and B do not stand for “Furthermore” or “beer,” Furthermore’s Facebook posting lets the cat out of the bag… Fatty Boomblatty is indeed the base beer for these wittes.


  1. Trav says:

    Fatty is a great beer. Wonder if they will build their own brewery soon, they have been brewing at Sand Creek for almost five years, doing quite well too it seems.

  2. Dan says:

    Today is the release of variation number 3 of the FBX series. Stop by and get a growler of FBX-44. If you’ve tried the first two, you’ll continue to be amazed by the amount of variation in these beers all created from the same batch of wort.

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